Student Virtual Lab (SVL) Notable Feature Upgrades

This will be a compilation of new features that come with ongoing version upgrades.

Dragging and Dropping Files and Folders


  • Able to drag and drop from one desktop to the other in both directions
  • When a drag and drop operation is in progress, you cannot start a new drag and drop operation until after the first drag and drop operation has finished.
  • When dragging and dropping, you must use the primary mouse button (by default the left button). Using the secondary mouse button (by default the right button), and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt plus the primary mouse button, are not supported.

Requirements for Drag and Drop


  1. Log into the VMware Horizon Client as you normally do.  Ensure you have version 4.10 or later. If not, you must upgrade
  2. Connect to your assigned virtual desktop as you normally do.
  3. Have your files you wish to drag and drop already saved on your physical/local computer's desktop.  Once you're logged into your virtual desktop (Student Virtual Lab), minimize the screen so you can see both the physical/local desktop and virtual desktop screens side by side.
  4. From this point, you can easily drag and drop files between the two desktops.

For a visual demo of this feature, see this video:


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