Student Email Used for CSULB Communications - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


On 8/2/18, all official CSULB announcements and notices will be sent to campus-provided BeachMail (Outlook) email accounts.  This means that student preferred email addresses in MyCSULB/Student Center will automatically be updated to the campus-issued email address. 


  1. What's my BeachMail email address?  When you log in to CSULB Single Sign-On and click on the BeachMail/Outlook chiclet, you'll see your campus email account which will also display your email address.  Alternatively, you can select "Lookup email address" on the BeachID Account Manager page.
  2. Will my email contact in BeachBoard stay the same or will it also change?  If your preferred email address is set to a personal account, it will change to your BeachMail email address. Student university-provided email addresses are stored in MyCSULB, and on 8/2/18, the preferred email address will be updated to your BeachMail address. The preferred email in MyCSULB is what is fed to systems such as BeachBoard.  If you are both a CSULB employee and student, see question 5 and 6.
  3. Do I have to do anything, such as update my preferred email in MyCSULB?  No. The change of your preferred email address in MyCSULB to your BeachMail address will happen automatically on 8/2/18.
  4. Can I continue to receive email at my personal email account?  One workaround for those who wish to continue receiving campus email to their personal/third-party email address is to create a rule to forward incoming BeachMail to your personal email. You can follow instructions to Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages.  It's recommended to do this on a computer/laptop rather than a mobile device because you will see full email features on a computer/laptop.
  5. I am both a student and full-time employee. How does this change affect me?  This change will likely not affect you. If you are an employee, this means you only have one active campus email address which is your employee email. Assuming your preferred email within Employee Center is set to your employee email, this email is also your preferred email within MyCSULB/Student Center. As an example, your BeachBoard email contact is populated by your preferred email in MyCSULB/Student Center.
  6. Does this change also apply to faculty or staff?  No. This change only applies to students, including employees that are also CSULB students.
  7. Will my personal/third-party email address be deleted from CSULB records?  No.  If you have an existing alternate email address that you have been using as your preferred email in MyCSULB/Student Center, it will be retained in a separate record.
  8. Are new students affected by this?  How are they notified?  Admitted students will receive communication to both their university-provided and alternate email address until they matriculate. After matriculation, they will only receive emails from the campus to their university-provided address. In addition, all current students that are eligible to enroll in courses will receive a notification about this change from Enrollment Services.  A message will be posted in MyCSULB/Student Center's Message Center as well as within BeachBoard.


Reminder email sent by CSULB-CIO to all active/matriculated students on 7/31/18

Original email sent by CSULB-CIO to all active/matriculated students on 5/11/18


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