Upgrading the Student Virtual Lab (SVL) VMware Horizon Client Version


These instructions describe the process that users of the Student Virtual Lab (SVL) can follow to maintain the latest VMware Horizon client version available.  By maintaining the latest version available, users ensure they are using the latest available features.  These instructions only apply to the fully installed Horizon client, not for the HTML/web version.

Warning:  In order to complete a client upgrade, you will be required to restart your entire device, so be sure you save and close any work before proceeding.  


Once you are logged into your VMware Horizon client, you can follow these steps.

  1. If an updated version is available, you will see a red dot in the upper-right corner menu.  Click on the menu icon to open your menu options, and select Software Updates.Image 1: VMware Horizon Client view of the server you are logged into showing the red dot in the upper-right corner menu
  2. You will be prompted to click on the Download and Install button to proceed with the download. Image 2: Software Updates window showing you what exactly is available for download
  3. You must select Agree & Upgrade in order to proceed, after which the upgrade will initiate.  Image 3: Window showing prompt to Agree and Upgrade
  4. You will see receive a Success message after which you will have to click on Finish to proceed.   Image 4: Showing confirmation that download was Successful
  5. To complete the process, you must restart your device.  Please note: by restarting your system, your entire desktop (both the virtual desktop and your physical desktop) will restart.  Be sure you save and close all your work/documents before restarting.   Image 5: Window showing Option to Restart now or later


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