Employee On-Boarding DocuSign Instructions

Beginning Jan 2nd, 2019 the Future Hire form will change in order to help identify emplid’s earlier in the process.

The first change to the DocuSign Future Hire process changes the order in which the form is completed.  Currently, the requestor completes their section first, then the form goes to the future hire.  In the updated process the requestor will complete their entry second, after the future hire has completed their section and provided the SSN and Birthdate.

DocuSign Recipient Screen

The second change to the DocuSign Future Hire process now requires verification if the SSN is associated with an existing employee / campus ID.  The requestor will perform a CSUID check and verify on the form whether there is an ID, and if so, enter the Empl ID so HRIS doesn’t create a duplicate ID number.

Image of a returned DocuSign form

CSUID Search Procedure

  1. Log into PeopleSoft HR and click the CSU ID Search link off the main menu.
  2. Enter the SSN in the National ID field and click search(See shortcut below for how to copy and pasted directly from DocuSign.)

Image of CSU ID search

  1. If the SSN is associated with either a student or employee record, the ID, name, and campus relationships will be displayed below in the input section.  If the ID information shows that there is a current active employee record in the business unit LBCMP, then the future hire DocuSign process should be voided (see instruction below of voiding a DocuSign Envelope. )  If the HR status is active and Business Unit is COCSU please continue the future hire DocuSign process to ensure the welcome letter and parking instructions are sent to the future hire.

CSU ID Search Resultes

  1. Voiding a DocuSign Document:  To void an in progress DocuSign Document Select the Other Actions Drop Down List and select Void

Voiding a DocuSign form


After selecting “void” a message box appears.  Please enter a brief description why the form is being voided, which will be included in the email back to the Future Hire.

Void message to user


  1. SSN Copy / Paste Shortcut

How to cut and past from DocuSign

DocuSign does not allow a copy directly from an open document.  In order to copy a field such as SSN press the printer icon on the top of the page, which will generate a pdf which can be used to copy fields.  Keep in mind when pasting into CSUID search the dashes from the SSN will need to be removed.


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This article outlines the Employee On-Boarding process from the Information Technology and system access perspective. New employees who do not follow this process will not have timely access to University systems.