CSU Training FAQs


What is CSU Training?

CSU Training is a CSU-provided learning portal that provides CSULB employees with access to professional development and compliance training resources. This portal replaced SkillPort as of January 29, 2019.

Who can use CSU Training?

All CSULB employees.

How do I access CSU Training?

Employees can access the CSU Training chiclet from the Campus Single Sign-On (SSO) portal. Student employees should login with their student account (not SA).

CSU Training SSO chiclet/button

How do I get started?

Once logged in, there is a two minute video tutorial on the landing page.

How Long Does Training Take?

See course titles and lengths here.

Are there any system requirements or compatibility issues?

Recommended browsers are: Firefox and Chrome.
Note: CSU Training is not compatible with Safari browser or on any mobile device.

I'm a manager and can't assign training to someone who reports to me.

CSU Training imports information from PeopleSoft. The MPP name in the "reports to" field in PeopleSoft is the person who can assign training to an employee. Work with your ASM to determine the MPP who can assigne the training to the employee on your behalf.

Current Issues or Clarification

Employee receives an email to complete training, clicks email link to access training, and sees a webpage saying the training is 100% complete.

The 100% complete message is referring to the current certificate which will expire.  The training is due annually, and if employee receives a notification to take the training, it is still due. Click RESTART to take the learning activity again and generate a new certificate of completion. Selecting Review does NOT restart the learning activity or record a new completion in your transcript. If the user clicks on “Attempt History” link, it will display the last time the course was attended.  In most cases, it will show last year’s training date. The Chancellor’s Office is working to change the email wording so this is clearer.

Employee attempts to start training but is shown two buttons, “Restart” and “Review,” with ambiguous verbiage.

In order to record the new certification date, click Start, then Restart, and follow the prompts to restart the training.  Selecting Review does NOT restart the learning activity or record a new completion in your transcript. This button verbiage is currently being updated to something more user-friendly. 

Trainings may be similarly titled, so employees are assuming they have already completed a particular training course. 

Once the employee logs in to CSU Training, they can view their completed training by clicking on the Transcript section from the main CSU Training home screen. They’ll likely see the course they recently completed is similarly titled, but a different training.  For example, here are currently required training titles:

  • CSU's Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program
  • CSU's Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program for Supervisors
  • CSU’s Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program for Non-Supervisors

Whom can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact DoIT-ServiceManagement@csulb.edu.


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