Synchronizing SharePoint Documents to your computer using OneDrive

You can synchronize documents located in a SharePoint site to your local computer and access them just like any other file located there. To do so, you need to log in to the SharePoint site you want to sync. For help connecting to SharePoint, see this article on how to connect to a SharePoint site.  Once you have connected to the site you will need to locate the documents folder with which you want to sync. You can find the document library to sync with by looking for the Sync icon as illustrated below:

image highlighting Sync icon in document library within a SharePoint site

Once you click the Sync button,  your browser may ask for permission to use OneDrive, confirm that it's OK.

  • Once synced, your SharePoint files appear in File Explorer under the name of your organization, or in Mac Finder if you're using a Mac.

  • Each location will appear in a separate subfolder, in case you are syncing multiple SharePoint document libraries. 

You may also be given the option to sync only certain folders within the document library. If so, you may select only those files and/or folders that you wish to work with. You can always select files or folders later that you want to sync if you did not initially select them. 

For further information, you may see the official Microsoft documentation here


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