GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN) Install Procedure for iPad or iPhone

Note: this installation can only be done from off campus, and in order to install the VPN software, you must have admin rights to the computer.  Employees can contact your technical coordinator if you have issues installing.  Students can contact the Technology Help Desk.

Visit the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search for Global Protect.

Global Protect in App Store

Select GlobalProtect and install.  

Note:  It's recommended that if the first GlobalProtect option does not work and you're attempting this on an older iOS device, try GlobalProtect Legacy.

Click on +Open.

GlobalProtect will open.

GlobalProtect Legacy Screen

Click OK.


GlobalProtect Legacy Portal entry

Enter for the portal and then hit connect.

Enter BeachID credentials for GlobalProtect Legacy

The connection will then be established.

GlobalProtect Legacy connecting

You'll notice VPN in the upper right hand corner when you're connected.

GlobalProtect Full Tunnel option

If you are out of the country, use GP-TLS-Full tunnel option for advanced security and to reach websites that may be blocked by the host country.

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Remote networking services, Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a campus system allowing individuals to securely access internal networks and computers over the Internet, using encrypted tunnels to ensure that data cannot be accessed without authorization.