Setting Up and Using Your CSULB Voice Mail


Welcome to the CSULB voice mail system. The Aria system offers a telephone user interface (TUI) similar to most mobile device TUI’s. Voice messages and mailbox settings can be managed using your telephone, online by using Web PhoneManager, or through your @csulb email address using unified messaging.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

Before you begin using voice mail, you will need to run through a quick setup tutorial. This setup will guide you through the following steps:

  • Change your security code
  • Record your full name
  • Record your greeting

To complete this setup:

  • Dial 51234 from your desk phone.
  • Enter the temporary security code 27852 (CSULB).
  • Enter your new security code (5 to 15 digits) followed by the # sign.
  • When prompted, dial 2 to record your full name.
    • 2 to stop recording

    • 5 to save

    • 6 to review

    • 4 to discard and re-record

  • When prompted, dial 2 to record your greeting.

    • 2 to stop recording

    • 5 to save

    • 6 to review

    • 4 to discard and re-record

Recommended standard greetings:

“You have reached the voice mailbox for [Your Name]. Please leave a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”

"This is Jane. Please leave a message with your name and number, and I’ll return your call."

When you hear “Congratulations…” you are ready to begin using the voice mail system.


Accessing Voicemail Through Your Phone

Logging In

There are three ways to login to the system depending on where you are calling from.

    1. From Your Desk

   To login from your desk:

  • Lift the hand set
  • Dial 51234 (or press the lit voicemail button)
  • You will be prompted to enter your security code

    2. From a Coworker's Desk

    To login from a campus phone other than your own:

  • Lift the hand set
  • Dial 51234
  • Dial *
  • Dial #
  • Enter your 5-digit campus extension
  • Enter your security code

    3. From Off-Campus

    To login into the voice mail system from off campus:

  • Dial 562-985-1234
  • Dial #
  • Enter your 5-digit campus extension
  • Enter your security code


Playing Messages

After you have logged into the system, begin playing messages by dialing 1. See the list below for commonly used commands, which are similar to those used by most mobile device carriers.

Accessing Messages Phone Dial Number
Unread messages 1
All messages 2
Saved messages 5



While Listening Phone Dial Number
Return to start 11
Pause/continue 2
Advance to end 33
Skip to next message #


After Listening Phone Dial Number
Review Message 4
Forward 6
Delete 7
Call sender (on-campus only) 88
Save 9


Sending Messages

To send a message from your mailbox:

  • Log into your mailbox
  • Press 2 to send a message
  • Record your message at the tone, and press # when finished
  • Enter the recipient’s 5-digit campus extension
  • If needed, select delivery options (see list of options below)
  • press #
  • Enter the next recipient’s extension, or press * to send
Delivery Options  
Restrict message forwarding 1
Mark as urgent 2
Request a receipt 3
Schedule future delivery 4
Leave callback number 8
Finish choosing options #

Quick Message

A quick message allows you send a message without calling the extension or logging into your mailbox first.

To send a quick message:

  • Call the voice mail system
    • From your campus phone, dial 51234 and press *
    • From off-campus dial 562-985-1234
  • Press 8, then pause two seconds
  • Dial the recipient’s 5-digit extension, then press #


Mailbox Options

To access Mailbox Options, login to your mailbox and dial 4. Most commonly used mailbox options are shown below.  After dialing 4:


Mailbox Options  
Record your name 1, 5
Record your standard greeting 4
Record your out-of-office greeting 6
Change your security code 1, 4
Set message forwarding 2, 4

Web PhoneManager

With Web PhoneManager (WPM), you can play, reply to, forward, and save voice mail messages as well as manage your personal settings online.

Logging In

To login, go to and enter your 5-digit mailbox number and security code.

The Inbox Tab

After logging in to WPM, you will be taken to your Inbox by default. Messages are sorted with the most recent on top (you can resort with the Sort by dropdown) and unread messages are shown in bold.

To view the options for a message, simply click on it.

Note: Streaming playback controls require Adobe Flash Player


Live Reply

Live Reply allows you to call back the sender if they are a campus user. Click Live Reply and a dialog prompt will appear with the users’ name and extension. Click OK. Your phone will ring. Pick it up and the user will be automatically dialed (Note: If the user happens to be on the phone, the system will redirect you to the caller interface.)



Reply allows you to record a message through your phone and send it from within WPM. To reply to a message, click Reply.



  • Click the Record button.    Your phone will ring and a beep will sound.
  • Begin recording your message.
  • When you are done, hang up and click the stop button.  
  • In the Message Recipients field, type the user name(s) or extension(s) you would like to reply to and click Search.
  • When the user appears in the Available Mailboxes window, select it and click Add. It will appear in the Selected Mailboxes window.
  • To send, click the Send button in the upper left corner.

Other options allow you to Forward an item or Mark it Unread.

Saving Messages

Any messages you save will be stored on the Saved tab. These will be stored for 60 days or until you delete them.

Deleting Messages

Items deleted will be stored on the Trash tab. Note that any items deleted, but not emptied from the trash will automatically delete upon logout.


Personal Settings


To Record your name, click Recorded Name > Record button

  • Your phone will ring. Pick it up.
  • After a 3 second pause, a beep will sound. This is your cue to begin recording.
  • When finished, click the Stop button in WPM.
  • Click OK

You can follow this same process to record your Standard Greeting, Busy Greeting and Out-of-Office Greeting. To enable the out of office greeting, mark the checkbox. To disable it, uncheck it.

Security Code

To change your Security Code, enter your Current Security Code, the New Security Code and confirm it. Click OK.


Message Setting

Auto Play Envelope

The envelope contains information on who called, and what day and time. Select None to not play the envelope information. Select Before to play it automatically before every message or After to play it after the message.

Envelope Content

Select Complete Envelope to play who the call came from in addition to the date and time. Select
Date/Time Only to only play that information.


To have messaged marked Urgent always appear at the top of your inbox, check Sort Urgent First.


Automatically sort messages to see the Newest First (FIFO) or the Oldest First (LIFO).

Notification Settings



In the event of a vacation or extended absence, you can forward voice mail messages using the Forwarding option. Click the … button to search the directory. Type a user’s name or extension and click Search. When the username appears, select it and click OK.

You can specify the days and hours for forwarding to occur.

When finished, click OK.


Unified messaging (UM) allows messages to be forwarded to any email address.  Please note, deleting a message in your email inbox does not remove it from your actual voice mailbox.  To turn on UM:

  • Click Notification Settings
  • Click the E-Mail tab
  • Check the Enable Simple UM Notification box
  • Enter the desired email address
  • Leave the Simple UM Provider setting at Default Provider
  • To receive voice messages as WAV attachments, check the Include WAV Attachment box.  To receive notification emails only (without a WAV attachment), leave the box unchecked
  • Click the OK button


Web PhoneManager Settings


You can select a method for message playback through WPM.

  • Under Playback Settings, select Telephone to have WPM ring your phone when you click on a message.
  • Select Streaming Media for hear it through your computer.
  • Select Download to save and launch a .wav file to your computer.

Click OK save your selection.


Help Resources

Under the Documentation tab you will find downloadable Quick Reference Guide. Also, use the Help button located in the upper right corner for additional online help.

For live assistance, call x54480.


Logging Out

To log out, click the Logout button in the upper right corner from anywhere in WPM.



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