3.1 Setting Up Your CSULB Voice Mail

Setting Up Your Mailbox

When a voice mailbox is initially set up for use, logging in to record your spoken name, greeting, and security code is required in order to start using the mailbox. After this set up is complete, you will be able to use your mailbox through any phone, or through Web Phone Manager (WPM). Please bear in mind that a spoken name is utilized by other systems and should be limited to identifying who uses the mailbox, so please record only a first and last name, or the name of a department. The security code must be at least 5 digits. Using an old home phone number, or the zip code of a vacation spot are often easier to remember. The greeting is what your callers will hear when you don’t answer the phone and the call diverts to voice mail. A standard greeting must be recorded. After this initial setup, you can go back in and rerecord the name or greeting, and you can change your security code.


When setting up your voice mail, it is essential to record your spoken name using the same name as your official campus preferred name. If you use a nickname that is different from your preferred name it will likely be confusing for callers. For example:

  • A caller dials the main number 985-4111 and asks for Chris Jones.
  • System will search for a record with the preferred name of Chris Jones, but no record is found.
  • The caller tries a second time and asks for Christine Jones.
  • The system will find this record with the preferred name  and it will ask for confirmation.

                “You requested”  <spoken name>  “is this correct?”

  • If the spoken name recorded Is Chris Jones, it will leave the caller wondering why their initial request for Chris Jones was not successful, and it will delay their call in reaching the desired party.

Mailbox Options

Please see section 3.2 Using Your CSULB Voice Mail for login instructions. After logging in, access Mailbox Options by dialing/keying 4. Most essential mailbox options are shown below.  After dialing 4:

Record your standard greeting – Press  4.

Change your security code – Press  1, then 4.

Record your name – Press 1, then 5.

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