6.2 Creating a Call Processing Application


  • Allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension, voice recording, or voice mailbox without the intervention of an operator or receptionist
  • Usually consists of a main greeting followed by a simple menu system with the option to reach a representative
  • Should benefit both the callers and the department/organization
    • Callers can reach desired destination without being transferred multiple times
    • Organizations can reduce repetition and filter out unwanted calls
  • Frustrations associated with call processing apps
    • Keep main greeting as brief as possible
    • Don’t overwhelm callers with too many options (don’t make menu too wide or deep)
    • Avoid dead ends

Designing an Application and Writing a Script

  • To avoid long recordings, reference your website when possible
  • Two-part greetings (intro and instruction) allow system to repeat just the options without playing the entire ‘welcome’ greeting
  • Avoid transferring to the campus operator (confusion)
  • When listing menu options:
    • Weed out calls for other departments first
    • Order by most to least requested
    • Finish with live representative if applicable
  • Designate certain digits which can be pressed at any time throughout menu (for example, press 7 to repeat a recording, 8 to speak with an representative, 9 to go to the main menu)
  • Will a new or existing extension be pointing to this menu?  If application is taking the place of an existing departmental line, the existing line must be changed to a new unpublished number which will be an option in the new menu

Request Process/Steps

  • Design menu and create script
  • Submit work order
  • Build application (Telecom)
  • Create recordings using a sponsor mailbox
  • Test application on Telecom test line
  • Cut over after hours and test

Sample Call Processing Application

This is a sample Call Processing Menu for University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) when you call (562) 985-4837.

Sample call processing menu/tree when you call University Center for Undergraduate Advising

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