1.3 Telephone Call Detail Statement


On approximately the 15th of each month, ITS-Telecom emails a call detail statement to all employees who have been specified as a primary user of a campus extension by their department.  This statement lists the time and date, number called, duration, and charge amount for each call made during the previous month.  Please note this statement is not a bill. The university is required by California law to distribute these statements to employees so that they have the necessary information to reimburse the university for any personal calls.


  1. Why am I receiving this statement?  The university is required by law to distribute these statements to employees so that they have the necessary information to reimburse the university for any personal, non-business calls. If you are receiving one of these statements, it is because your department has you listed as the primary user for the specified extension.
  2. These calls are all business related.  Do I have to pay for them?  This is not a bill. It is just a list of all calls made from the specified extension. Each department is responsible for their own reimbursement policy, but employees should not be expected to reimburse the university for any calls which are business-related.
  3. What is my department's policy on reimbursement?  For your department's reimbursement policy, contact your ASM
  4. How do I pay for these calls?  Reimbursement payments can be made to the Cashier's Office.
  5. This is not my extension. Can you please stop sending these to me?  You are receiving this statement because your department has listed you as the primary user for this extension. If the extension does not belong to you, then you or your department can request a directory update
  6. I no longer want this phone. How can I disconnect this line?  If you would like to disconnect the line, then you or your department can submit a work order request.
  7. I already disconnected this line and/or changed my directory information.  Why am I still receiving these statements?  Statements are distributed around the 15th of each month and contain calls from the month prior, so it is possible to receive one or two more statements after a line has been disconnected or changed. For example, if a line is disconnected on April 3rd, statements will still be distributed on April 15th (for all March Calls) and May 15th (for calls from April 1st through April 3rd).
  8. This extension is shared by several employees.  Why am I the one receiving these statements?  Statements can only be sent to one person per extension. If an extension is shared by multiple users and you would like to change who receives the statement each month, contact Telecommunications at extension 54480 and ask about changing the primary user for the extension.
  9. This is my extension, but I want someone else such as an assistant to receive these statements.  Telecom can only send these statements to the csulb.edu email account of the primary user for that extension. If you would like someone else to receive these statements, Telecom recommends setting up rules such as automatic message forwarding in Outlook. See Microsoft article Forward email from Office 365 to another email account.
  10. Looking at my statement, I am seeing two calls from my extension at the same time. Is this an error?  There are several ways that your extension can have multiple legitimate calls made at the same time, including transfers, conference calls, and user error while hanging up before making another call.


For other questions or to request your detail statement in an alternative format, call Telecommunications @ x54480 or email its-telecom@csulb.edu.

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