GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN) Install Procedure on Windows 10

Note: this installation can only be done from off campus, and in order to install the VPN software, you must have admin rights to the computer.  Employees can contact your technical coordinator if you have issues installing.  Students can contact the Technology Help Desk.

Download client from Please note, the client cannot be downloaded while connected to University networks. This includes downloads while connected via previous VPN clients. 

VPN Service Portal Sign in Screen

Log in with campus ID and password.

After successfully login, please select the version of client:  Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, or Mac 32/64 bit agent.

Download Version Option Screen

After downloading the agent please run the install file.

Follow the steps which will be presented to you:

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Close

After installation, the GlobalProtect agent dialog panel will appear. Enter for portal address and hit Connect.

Welcome to Global Protect Screen

Enter username: Campus ID, password, and hit Sign In.

Note: only enter Campus ID or account name. @email or campus-domain\ is not valid.

Global Protect Sign in credentials

Lastly, by default it will connect to GlobalProtect with split tunneling, but if full tunneling is required, click on the drop down menu and select GP-TLS-Full for full tunneling.

Connected Screen

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