1.4 Telecommunications Terms of Services


In order to protect the University and its departments from unauthorized charges, please be aware of the following ways to prevent unexpected expenses to the University and bills from Telecommunications.

All campus employees are responsible for charges incurred for any and all calls made from their extension, to their extension, billed to their extension, or charges incurred as the result of actions conducted by anyone using their extension. Telecommunications does not reassign charges to another extension or department.

Collect and Third-Number-Billed Call Charges

Accepting collect calls, or calls billed to a University number, is not permissible. If a collect call is accepted or a third number is called and billed to the University, a special handling fee may be added to the cost of each call.

Calling Card and Telephone Credit Card Call Charges

Calling cards ordered directly from a carrier and billed to telephone numbers associated with the University are not permissible. A special handling fee may be added to the cost of each call made with a calling card provided directly by a provider and using a University number. Additionally, the calling card will be cancelled.

Special Offer and Internet Charges

Offers for prizes or services that may assess your campus telephone number with charges by the local carrier are not permissible. These types of offers are often available over the telephone or on the Internet, and create additional, unnecessary workload to Telecommunications staff to research and reverse any charges assessed to the campus. Any charges such as these are usually forwarded to the department incurring the charge, and are subject to an administrative handling fee. If a website form or other vendor requires a telephone number, it is best to use a personal mobile number or home number.


Procurement & Contractual Services is the only department authorized to buy services or resources for the campus, and by dispensation, management and fulfillment of some services is conducted by ITS-Telecommunications.

Any agreement incurring expense may be considered financially fraudulent or mischievous use to the University if conducted beyond Purchasing or its standing agreement with Telecommunications. Any type of activity generating an unusual charge to the University by any person including employees, contractors, or students that cannot be processed by standard methods, requiring research or extra handling, or incurred without specific fiscal authorization are normally considered mischief and fraud under the terms of acceptable use. Depending on the severity of an incident, telephone fraud and mischief can be considered felony crimes punishable by law. University Police will investigate and prosecute offenders.

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