External Calendar Export - Import Process

Importing your calendar items from a third-party online calendar is a straightforward procedure. You just need to download your calendar as an .ics file and import it into Outlook. Google Calendar is used in these instructions due to it being one of the most popular third-party calendaring systems on the internet.

  1. In the Google Calendar page, click on the Gear icon on the upper right corner, then click on Calendar settings:

    Google calendar, click settings
  2. In the Calendar Settings page, click Calendars:

    Google calendar settings
  3. In the Calendar Settings page's Calendar tab, click on Export calendars:

    Click export calendar
  4. You will be prompted to save the exported calendar file. Click Save:

    Save download
  5. Choose a location and file name, and click Save:

    Name calendar download
  6. Once the download is completed, click Close:

  7. Extract the .ics file from the .zip file that was downloaded, using your preferred ZIP program:

    Open Zip file
  8. In Outlook, click File > Open > Import:

    Choose import from Outlook file ribbon
  9. In the Import and Export Wizard window, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs), then click Next:

    Import wizard, select Import from an iCalendar
  10. A file browser window will open. Select the .ics file that you extracted from the exported file, and click OK:

    Select the file you downloaded
  11. On the confirmation window that opens, click Import (unless there is a compelling reason to create a new, separate calendar to hold the imported items):

    Click import
  12. The imported calendar items will now be in the Outlook calendar:

    Calender view, with newly imported items
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