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The Central HPC offers site licensed software packages available to all Condo Owners and Guests. Requests to load new software packages to the HPC will be reviewed for license compliance, security, and must be approved by the HPC Governance Committee. To request installation of a new software package, please email ITS-HPCSupport@csulb.edu. Include license information, and supporting documentation about the software package. Hyperthreading is supported for Condo owners upon request. Community member access to multi-threading is limited to available resources that provide hyperthreading. 

Currently Available Software


Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

MATLAB R2017b (9.3)


Mathematica (12.0)

Simulink R2017b (9.0)


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Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers a Central High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for Faculty computing in their pursuit of teaching and learning. This service includes shared cycles on several high performance clusters equipped with a variety of research software packages.