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The Central High Performance Computing (HPC) environment offered by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides Faculty and Principal Investigator (PI) researchers at the University access to a high performance shared computing hardware and software environment. The Central HPC environment is a collaborative system where the DoIT provides central administration, maintenance, and significant resource investment in addition to Faculty or PIs purchased nodes for research computing.  Approved CSULB research Community Members are also welcomed to use the Central HPC utilizing lower compute resources than those invested into the system (Condo Owners).

CSULB HPC Configuration (As of 9/2020)

  • Cores – 1512 distributed over 55 nodes
  • CUDA Cores – 14336 total
  • GPU Nodes – 1 (total of 4 GPUs)
  • Total RAM – 19 TB
  • Internal network – Infiniband for high speed data transfer
  • On board storage –  1 TB/node, SSD-based, designed to use for scratch space
  • Long Term Storage – shared use of the campus EMC Isilon system
  • Operating System – Red Hat (RHEL) 7.x

Central HPC Adiministration

The Central HPC is managed and maintained by the Division of Information Technology in partnership with University organizations as outlined below. 

  • CSULB Data Center:  The Central HPC is housed in the University Tier 3 Data Center, which is managed and maintained by the DoIT Data Center Operations team in partnership with CSULB Physical Planning & Facilities Management (PPFM).  The University Data Center is monitored and supported on a 24 X 7, 365 operation to ensure reliable and effective environmental infrastructure (Power & Cooling).
  • Central HPC Environment:  The HPC environment is maintained and administered by the DoIT Enterprise Services Group.  Primary responsibilities including administering the cluster operating system, software installation, account creation, performing system backups, storage, and Central HPC expansion.
  • Central HPC Network:  The DoIT Network Engineering Group maintains the connectivity between the Central HPC and researchers.  Network connectivity are monitored on a 24 X 7, 365 basis. 
  • Governance:  The Central HPC is governed by DoIT Service Management in close collaboration with a governance team comprised of Faculty/PI researchers.  Decisions regarding the service including software, storage, and account authorization is developed by this group to ensure the needs of University researchers are met.