Two-Step Verification (Duo) - Activation


Follow the instructions below to set up your mobile device or hardware token to work with Two-Step Verification (Duo).  After completing the setup, you'll be able to log in to Single Sign-On (SSO), which requires Two-Step verification before accessing applications such as the Common Financial System (CFS).


Mobile Device / Tablet

Hardware Token


Mobile Device / Tablet

Install the Two-Step Duo Mobile Application, and then complete the following set up process:

  1. Open a browser on a laptop or desktop computer, and log in to CSULB Single Sign-On (SSO), where you’ll be required to sign in and use Two-Step Verification. Click the CFS SSO chiclet.

SSO Login Screen     
CFS Chiclet in SSO

2.  Click the Start setup button in the dialog box that displays. A device-type dialog box opens. Select Mobile phone (recommended) or Tablet, and click the Continue button.

Duo Enrollment Duo Choose Device

3.  Enter the mobile device phone number, and click the checkbox to confirm that the phone number is correct, or re-enter the number as needed. Then click the Continue button.
Duo Enter Mobile Number

4.  Select the type of mobile device operating system and click Continue.

Duo Select Phone Type

5.  If you've installed the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, click the I have Duo Mobile button. If you haven't installed the Duo Mobile app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install the Duo Mobile app. Make sure to tap OK when asked if Duo Mobile should be able to push notifications to your device. Return to these instructions after completing the Duo Mobile app installation.

Duo Installation Notice

6.  With your device's Duo Mobile app open, click "+" sign and scan the activation barcode displayed in the dialog box on the on the laptop/desktop screen. The dialog box displays a green checkbox after activation completes.  Scroll down within the activation dialog box, and click Continue

Duo QR Code Duo Successful Enrollment


7.  From the When I log in drop down menu, select Automatically send this device a Duo Push. Then click the Continue to Login button, or click the Save button to end the setup process without logging in to the application. 

Duo Settings


8.  If you're logging in to a campus application that uses Two-Step Verification, such as CFS, you may:

  • Select Send Me a Push. This dialog box on your desktop/laptop indicates that the Two-Step Verification system Pushed a login reuest to your device.  Tap the Accept button on your mobile device to continue to securely login.
  • Alternatively, select Enter a Passcode to generate a one-time passcode you'll receive through your Duo Mobile app. Enter the code generated on the Duo Mobile app in the cooresponding screen on your desktop/laptop, and you'll be securely logged in. 

Once you successfully acknowledge the push to your Duo Mobile App, the Duo screen will disappear and you'll be logged in to the service.

Duo Send Me A Push Duo Waiting for confirmation



If you opt to use a token, you or your area’s technology coordinator/designee must first submit a request to register the token.

After you receive confirmation that the token is registered, you'll see the following screen after clicking an SSO chiclet such as CFS that has two-step verification enabled.

Use your token to generate a passcode. Then click the Enter a Passcode button, and enter it in the field that displays.


Using a token


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