Accessing eduroam Wireless with Windows 7

This document is only recommended if you frequently travel and visit other campuses participating in the eduroam WiFi service.

The following instructions describe how to connect to eduroam on Windows 7 and designate eduroam as your default SSID (wireless network).

NOTE: To connect to eduroam, you must have a valid campus email address ( or along with your BeachID password. If you have not activated your BeachID password, visit Also note that you will need to update your password on your mobile device wifi settings whenever you update your BeachID password.

Connect to eduroam

  1. Click the Wireless Network icon in the Windows Taskbar (typically located on the bottom right of your screen). It looks like a series of signal bars, and will have a yellow star on them if you're currently not connected to a wireless network.

    Windows taskbar icons
  2. Click on Open Network and Sharing Center

    Wireless network selections
  3. Click Manage wireless networks

    Manage wireless networks
  4. Click Add

    Add network
  5. Click "Manually create a network profile"

    Manually connect to network
  6. Type in "eduroam" in the network name and select WPA2-Enterprise then click Next.

    Enter network information
  7. Click Change connection settings

    Change connection settings
  8. Click on the Security tab. Make sure the authentication method is Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP). Then click the Settings button.

    wireless properties
  9. Check both "Validate server certificate" and "AddTrust External CA Root" then click the Configure button

    EAP Properties
  10. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name then click OK

    Uncheck windows logon
  11. Click OK on the Protected EAP Properties window.

    Protected EAP Properties
  12. Click Advanced settings

    Advanced settings dialog
  13. Check the Specify authentication mode and select User Authentication. Then click the Save Credentials button.

    Advanced settings dialog
  14. Enter your User name, which is your campus issued email address. Enter your password, which is your Beach ID password, and click OK. Click OK again to close Advanced Settings. Note: You will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password, otherwise your Eduroam connection will not work after a password update.

    Windows security credential dialog box
  15. Click OK to exit the Eduroam Wireless Network Properties window.

    Advanced settings
  16. Click OK to close eduroam Wireless Network Properties

    Eduroam Wireless Network Properties
  17. Click Close to save the new Eduroam profile.

    Manually connect to a wireless network window
  18. Connect to Eduraom wireless

    Available networks
  19. If you are prompted to Terminate or Connect, examine the certificate details for the Radius Server names "" or "" or "" and is signed by AddTrust External CA Root or InCommons CA. Then click Connect.

    Check certificate detailsĀ and Connect
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