MiCC Agent, Information Manager and Report Manager

MiCC Agent

With MiCC agent, a call center can focus on servicing phone customers rather than navigating processes. Calls are automatically routed and tracked.

Logging On

Launch Solidus Desktop Manager: Go to Start > All Programs > Solidus eCare > MiCC Agent. Enter your username and 4-digit password and click OK.
The Extension Number will default to the last entered extension. No extension password is required.

Note: For two-click access, pin MiCC Agent to your start menu. To pin, right-click on MiCC Agent and click "Pin to Start Menu.”

BluStar login screen

Become "Available" for Calls

Click the Phone Icon to become available for calls. The icon will display a green check mark to indicate you are available.

BluStar is offline when red\
BluStar is online with green

Caller ID

A pop up window will display.

If the call is a Service group call, the name will appear next to "Service Group". This is helpful if you belong to more than once Service Group.

BluStar on call screen

Primary line calls will display no value under "Service Group" and the Caller ID will appear at the top of the window highlighted in orange.


Users have the ability to chat with the messaging feature. This is useful if someone happens to be on the phone, but you need to communicate. To begin a conversation, go to Contacts tab. Locate the user your wish to chat with and double click their name. A messaging window will open. Type your message and click Send. The recipient will see a messaging window pop up on their desktop.

Become Unavailable for Calls

Click the phone icon. It will display a red slash. This indicates a user is no longer available for calls, but is still logged into the system.

See Real Time Activity

View real time group activity with the "Display Real Time" feature. To open, click the button on the tool bar in the upper left corner.

real time button

Log Out

Close MiCC Agent. A confirmation message will appear. Click Yes.

Supervisor Features

Force Ready

As a supervisor, if a user is logged onto the system, but not "available", you can force a ready status. From the Sessions tab, click the "F" shield icon in the upper left corner.

Force ready status button

A dialog box will appear with the names of those people you can force to be ready/not ready. To make a user ready, click their name and click the Ready button.

Force ready settings

Information Manager

Supervisors can view group and agent activity with Information Manager. Monitor things like who is logged on, who is on an active call, etc. To open Information Manager, go to Start > All Programs > Solidus eCare > Information Manager.

Enter username and 4-digit password and click OK.

Solidus eCare User Logon

Report Manager

Run template reports or create your own from scratch using the Report Manager. To open Report Manager, go to Start > All Programs > Solidus eCare > Report Manager.
Enter username and 4-digit password and click OK.

Solidus eCare User Logon

Report Manager offers many built-in templates to generate reports.

Report Manager settings

Alternatively, users have the ability to build new templates from scratch. To build a new template, to go Action > New User Template. Enter the report parameters and click OK to finish.


For technical support, please contact your local technical support team.


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