1.2 Telecommunications Trouble Reporting

Report Telephone Trouble

If a telephone feature is not functioning, or you're not able to place/receive calls as you normally would, please report the trouble by submitting a Telephone Service ticket to report the issue ("Trouble Ticket").  

Dial 0

A technician will be dispatched within 24 hours or on the following business day. If the technician does not resolve the problem within a timely manner, please contact the Supervising Telephone Operator or call Telecommunications at 54480.

Refresh Voice Mailbox

If an employee is provided with an extension that belonged to someone else previously, it is usually desirable to refresh the mailbox. When a mailbox is refreshed, all messages, the greeting, the recorded name and the security code will be returned to their default condition so that the new user can log in for the first time and be guided in establishing a new spoken name and security code. Visit the Voice Mail Service Request form to request services.

Reset Voice Mailbox Security Code

If you are the primary user of a voice mailbox and forget the security code for logging in, visit the Voice Mail Service Request form for a password reset. This will return the mailbox to the default security code, so that you can log in and set up your new code. 

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