3.4 Web PhoneManager: Unified Messaging Setup

Unified messaging (UM) is a service which allows campus voice mail users to receive voice messages (audio files) at an @csulb.edu email address.  The voice mail messages are sent to the @csulb email address immediately upon receipt.

Useful Notes about Features

  • Each voice mailbox can have messages forwarded to one @csulb.edu email address, but it does not necessarily have to belong to the owner of that voice mailbox. For example, messages can be forwarded to an assistant, a group or department, and so on.
  • Emails can either be sent with the voice message included as a WAV file attachment, or as a notification without the attachment.
  • Deleting a message in your email inbox does not remove it from your actual voice mailbox. Messages must still be deleted by logging in through the phone or Web PhoneManager.

Setting up Unified Messaging

Go to https://voicemail.csulb.edu/ and login using your mailbox number (typically the same as your 5-digit extension, such as 54111) and your voice mail password. From the home screen:

  1. Click Notification Settings
  2. Click the E-Mail tab
  3. Check the Enable Simple UM Notification box
  4. Enter the desired csulb.edu email address
  5. Leave the Simple UM Provider setting at Default Provider
  6. To receive voice messages as WAV attachments, check the Include WAV Attachment box. To receive notification emails only (without a WAV attachment), leave the box unchecked
  7. Click the OK button

    Web PhoneManager Notification Settings Screen
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