4.2 Phone Feature Glossary


Some features must be programmed on certain keys of a digital set while others can be accessed by pressing a single digit instead of using spare keys.

Programmable Keys/Features

Some digital sets have "soft keys" which change in functionality as you navigate through the menus. These do not need to be programmed nor can they be changed.

Call Divert (CAD) Key

sends calls to pre-programmed answer point

Free on Access 2 (ODN2) Key

allows an on-campus call to ring on the Access2 button when Access1 is in use. (Note: off-campus calls are automatically directed to the access 2 button without this feature button present or active.)

Multi-Directory Number (MDN) Key

allows appearance of other digital extension (explain request under additional instructions)

Add'l Directory Number (ADN) Key

used for private extension and intercoms (explain request under additional instructions)

Voice Mail (VMS) Message Waiting Key

message waiting indicator. (For additional information see the campus directory)

Feature Descriptions

ODN (Own Directory Number)

An ODN is simply your extension number. On a digital phone, it pertains to Access buttons 1 and 2

Call Diversion

A pre-programmed answering point such as voice mail, or a department secretary's extension number

Pick-up Group

Access a ringing extension by pressing “77”. List at least one extension number in the group on a work order when requesting a new Pick-up Group member

Hunt Group

A main number that routes a call to one of several lines, or members, that can be answered at any telephone where all lines of the group appear. Anyone having the hunt group members on their telephone can answer these calls

Call Waiting

On a digital set the call will ring in on the Access2 button. Call waiting is automatically assigned unless requested otherwise

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