Administering Authorized Software / Removal of Obsolete Versions


Designated Technology Coordinators across the campus are responsible for supporting computers and end users in their respective college or department. This includes ensuring only current, authorized software and web browsers are installed on campus computers.  To accomplish this, Designated Technology Coordinators will:


  1. Review workstations on at least an annual basis to ensure the computers have current, authorized campus software installed. 
  2. Identify any workstations that contain unauthorized or obsolete software, or unsupported web browsers not required to support the academic and business endeavors of the university.
  3. Perform corrective action to remove unauthorized software, update obsolete software and remove unsupported web browsers. 
  4. Work with end users as necessary to ensure only authorized software is installed on campus computers.
  5. ITS offers the SCCM Software Inventory service to facilitate identifying software installed on participating machines.


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