Transfer Contacts from @student Email Account to Employee Email Account

  1. Login to your CSULB student email account.

    Login screen
  2. Click Contacts in the Navigation Pane.

    Contacts button
  3. Single click the first contact in your list.
  4. Scroll down to last contact listed, hold your shift button down and click last contact to highlight and select all.
  5. Right click on selected contacts; select "Forward as Attachment".

    Forward as attachment option
  6. If you get following error, click Yes. If not, proceed.

    Pop-up error
  7. Send email to your employee email address. Close OWA and open Outlook client.
  8. Go to the email you sent yourself, right-click on one of the contact attachments, select "Save All Attachments".

    Save all attachments option
  9. Click OK.

    Save all attachments dialog window
  10. Create a folder named "Student Contacts" on your local drive and click OK > OK.
  11. From Windows Explorer, open the folder "Student Contacts" you just created. Key Ctrl+A to select all contacts.
  12. From your Outlook client, click the "Contacts" button on the navigation pane. Drag and drop the selected Contacts onto the Outlook Contacts folder next to your employee email address.

    Contacts Folder


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