Search Folders in Outlook


A search folder find items that meet a specific set of conditions that you define and displace those items any time you click on the folder.

Keep in mind that your messages aren't stored in these folders, but you can work with those messages like you would any other; for example, you can delete, edit, reply to, or move them.

If a search folder is in italics, it means it hasn't been updated recently. Once you click the folder, Outlook will update the search and remove the italics from the folder's name.

Here are some examples of search folders and how you can use them every day:

  1. Use the criteria From Specific People and specify your boss's email address so you can easily view all the email he or she has sent you.
  2. Use the Important Mail criteria to see all the messages sent to you marked as urgent.
  3. Use the Mail with Specific Words criteria and specify the phrase "XYZ Company" to keep track of correspondence relating to that contact.
  4. Use the Mail Sent Directly to Me criteria and specify the Inbox folder to help you sort through the mountain of email that accumulated during your vacation.

Creating Search Folders

  1. Click Folder > New Search Folder.

    The New Search Folder button is being selected
  2. This window will appear.

    The New Search folder window
  3. Click a mail type at the top and then set your criteria as instructed at the bottom and click OK.

    The New Search Folder window
  4. The new folder will appear in the Search Folders list.

    The search folders list


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