Using Skype for Business Online Meetings

Microsoft Skype allows real-time instant messaging, video and audio conferencing and collaboration.

Microsoft Skype (formerly Lync) is available with MS Office Professional Plus.

Create an Online Meeting

  1. Select Calendar View in Outlook and "New Skype Meeting" button on the home tab.

    Join Online Meeting Option
  2. A URL with the meeting location will be automatically created in the invite.

    New Online Meeting URL
  3. Scheduling Online meetings is the same as creating regular calendar meetings. Attendees who are outside the organization do not have to install Skype to join an online meeting. A web version of Skype is available. If you need to change the online meeting options anytime, click the "Meeting Options."

    Meeting options can be modified if needed
  4. Add invitees in the "To..." field and click Send.

Join an Online Meeting

  1. To join an online meeting, open the email invite or calendar entry, double click on the "Join Skype meeting" hyperlink. Users must click on the "Join Skype meeting" link and presenter must admit attendee.

    Calendar entry with link to skype meeting
  2. Upon initial entry to a meeting, you may be prompted about audio settings. Make your selection and click OK.

    Conversation Opening page
  3. The conversation screen will launch and the meeting will begin once the leader joins.

    Meeting launch screen
  4. Once the meeting begins, you can control video, microphone, or share your desktop with participants. You must have a device with a camera and microphone for full video conferencing.

    Meeting windows with full control

Joining Online Meeting Away From the Office.

You can join an online meeting with a computer and Internet access using the web browser.

To join a meeting with your web browser:

  • At the meeting time, open your Online Meeting email invitation, and then click Join Skype Meeting
  • In the Skype screen that appears, click Join the meeting using your web browser.
  • You can use your employee credentials to join the meeting.
  • Otherwise, click Join as a guest when prompted.

Note *** Using your employee credentials, you will have more privileges, such as being able to join the meeting without waiting for the leader to approve you.

Using the Skype Mobile Client

If you are away from your main computer, you can use your Windows Phone (or other mobile device running the Skype for Business mobile client) to keep up with instant messages and the availability of contacts. You can also join the audio portion of a Lync Online Meeting by using the Skype mobile client.

To learn about installing and using the Skype mobile client


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