Resolving Locked Campus Accounts

This is to help troubleshoot instances involving locked user campus computing accounts.

Often times, one of your devices, such as a laptop or cell phone, may be attempting to use incorrect credentials (username and/or password) to connect to campus wifi or email. As such a device continuously tries to connect with incorrect credentials, your account is locked on a continuous basis. When this issue persists even after you believe you have updated all your devices with your new BeachID password, then there are likely two other possibilities causing the issue with continuous locking: a) you may have entered your new credentials (username and/or password) incorrectly 5 times, or b) there are stored former credentials on one of your devices that is trying to connect to campus wifi or email. Here are some places to look for stored credentials:

  1. If you use a Macintosh computer, please check the username and password in the Keychain. 
  2. If you have a Windows computer, please check the username and password in the Windows Credential Manager. 
  3. If you use Outlook Web App ( to access email, check that you are not using a “saved password” within the browser.

Until the bad credentials are corrected on your device(s), the account will continue to experience problems. Please contact your college or department technical coordinator if you require assistance.


See a list of help articles as reference for Connecting Your Devices to Wifi and Campus Email. These help articles can be used as reference for finding where within your device settings you will need to update it with your new BeachID password.


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Each authorized CSULB student and employee has a CSULB computing account, which consists of your email address and your password.  Access to specific campus systems is based on your role within the University.  Campus accounts are generated automatically when new affiliations are created, such as when students are first matriculated and when employees are hired.