DocuSign FAQs

Who can use DocuSign?

DocuSign is available to CSULB students, faculty, and staff for University business and operations.

How do I get a DocuSign account?

Your Account is automatically provisioned. You'll be asked for your CSULB login credentials (your Campus email address & BeachID password).

How do I access DocuSign?

  • As a document Signer, you will access the system using a URL web link to DocuSign that will be included in an email sent to you for signing a document. You will login using your CSULB credentials.
  • If you've received privileged access to send, build, or otherwise prepare documents for eSignature, log into CSULB SSO and click the DocuSign chicklet.

How much does it cost to use DocuSign?

DocuSign is currently provided as a campus enterprise service, which means there is no direct cost.

Where do I go if I have questions about DocuSign?

Contact the Technology Help Desk, or 562-985-4959, with questions about accessing the eSignature system and how to obtain help using the system. DocuSign is provided as a self-supporting offering to the campus. While the Division of Information Technology provides application funding, infrastructure, & access as well as introductory training about building forms, the vendor, DocuSign, provides the bulk of support resources for day-to-day system usage. Please see DocuSign Support for information about using the application. DoIt offers introductory training to authorized users about how to build forms; please contact for information. (Contact your ASM for information about authorization to build or send DocuSign materials.)

Where do I find my DocuSign account number?

First log into your DocuSign account at Then, click your profile graphic in the upper right corner of the DocuSign Console. The CSULB DocuSign account number displays below your email address.

Which web browsers does DocuSign support?

For up-to-date supported browser information, please visit DocuSign System Requirements.

Is there a limit to the number of documents I can send or sign from my DocuSign account?

There is currently no limit to the number of documents that can be sent or signed.

How do I manage my DocuSign identity? (Change my picture, signature, and personal information)

For information about updating your Digital ID, visit Managing My Digital ID. Note that some identity information cannot be changed because it's assigned by the CSULB identity management system through your BeachID account.

Is there a way to transfer documents or envelopes for CSULB affiliates who are no longer associated with CSULB?

Documents can be transferred from one account user to another with department approval. The unit's authorized DocuSign administrator must perform/request the transfer and can do so by emailing a request to transfer the documents to

Are DocuSign signatures legally binding?

Yes. See details about DocuSign legal protection of eSignatures.

Can I forward DocuSign notifications requesting my email signature?

For security reasons, avoid sending DocuSign notifications you receive to anyone else.

Can I create a custom signature?

Yes. Learn more about options for adding/creating your signature to your DocuSign account.

Can I send highly confidential data using DocuSign?

CSULB has evaluated DocuSign with the intent on sending highly confidential data. For more information on using DocuSign to send Level 1 data, please see Guidelines on Appropriate Use of DocuSign.

How secure are documents that are stored in DocuSign?

DocuSign offers bank-grade security and operations. Documents are removed from DocuSign 90 days after they have been completed. If you need to keep documents for your records, download them from Docusign, and store them in a secure, encrypted location.

Does DocuSign offer accessibility support?

Yes. Accessibility support permits screen reader applications to read instructions, envelope documents, and DocuSign tags, which allows blind and visually impaired signers to act on tags and complete signing. Learn more about DocuSign accessibility.

I receive an error message when attempting to log in to DocuSign. Who do I contact?

Contact the Technology Help Desk,, 562-985-5949, and share a detailed description of the error message you received.

Where and how long are my documents stored?

As long as your DocuSign account is active, unsent documents in your account will be stored in DocuSign indefinitely. Completed documents will be stored for 90 days after the date of completion, then they are permanently removed from the system. IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION: Download and save your documents to your unit's preferred secure repository. After envelopes are moved to the deleted folder, they are purged at midnight the same day and cannot be recovered.

Is there a session timeout for DocuSign?

Yes. The session timeout is two (2) hours. Please note that CSULB's SSO timeout does not affect DocuSign's timeout.

How do I edit or correct a document in flight?

DocuSign has a video tutorial that answers this question.


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