SharePoint Online Roles and Responsibilities

The following table lists the various tasks that can be performed with SharePoint Online sites and the person responsible for performing the tasks.  Local department and college technical staff are designated as SharePoint site collection administrators to help support their department/college area site owners and end users.  The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) performs limited support for SharePoint Online.

Task Site Collection Admin Site Owner End User Contracted Vendor DoIT
Create primary site collection for department         X
Create subsite X X      
Create new page   X      
Check in document that is checked out     X    
Override document that is checked out / override check in X X      
Add user to site X X      
Create list X X      
Add, delete, edit item on a list     X    
Configure versioning X X X    
Recover file X X X    
Recover site X X      
Create workflow   X      
Troubleshoot a workflow / alert / list / calendar / permissions X X      
Create custom solution for a process X X   X  
Create and manage alert   X      
Consult department for complex business processes, workflow and the creation of formal strategy and enhanced business value of SharePoint       X  
Bulk upload of files     X    
Transfer ownership of SharePoint site X X      
Delete site X        
Sync document library     X    
Update user profile     X    
Report bad content to security     X    
Create and manage site workflows and user permissions X X      
Train department site owners, support staff   and end users X X      
Restrict document permissions to read only   X X    
Provide end user support for department site   collections X        
Contact Technology Help Desk for support (site collection administrator submits ticket) X        
Communicate to end users about SharePoint individual sites X X      

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