Accessing eduroam with Mac OSX


This document is recommended if you frequently visit other campuses participating in the eduroam WiFi service.


These instructions describe how to connect to eduroam on a Mac OSX device and save eduroam as your default WiFi network (SSID).

NOTE: To connect to eduroam, you must have a valid campus or email account. If you have not activated your BeachID password, visit When resetting a BeachID password, it will need to be updated on all devices that use BeachID credentials to connect to WiFi.

  1. Click the the WiFi icon on the menu bar.

    screenshot of available wifi networks
  2. Select "eduroam" from the list of available networks.

    screenshot of eduroam network with check mark
  3. Mode is "Automatic". Username is your full @csulb campus email address. Password is your BeachID password.

    screenshot of sample username and password entered


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