How to Forget and Re-establish beachnet+ Connection: Windows 10

  1. At the bottom right of the screen, click on the Wifi icon.

    Windows Desktop pointing at Wifi icon
  2. Once Wifi dock opens, click on the “Network Settings” link.

    Wifi doc listening available networks and network settings
  3. In Network Settings, Go to the “Wi-Fi” Tab and then click on the “Manage Known Networks” link.

    Network settings box
  4. In Manage Known Networks select “beachnet+” by clicking on it and then click the “Forget” button. (If beachnet-guest-access is also located in your known networks, "Forget" that network as well.)

    Manage known networks box
  5. Once removed/forgotten, return to the Wi-Fi Dock, select “beachnet+”, be sure “Connect Automatically” is checked then click the “Connect” button. Reference Accessing beachnet+ Wireless with Windows 10 for full instructions for reconnecting to beachnet+ WiFi.

    Wifi Dock
  6. Input your Campus ID and BeachID password and click the “OK” button.

    Network login authentication box
  7. Click the “Connect” button to complete the connection to beachnet+ and verify connection once connected.

    Confirmation of Connection box
    Wifi dock confirming connection
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