Troubleshooting Connectivity for Windows

In this scenario, the Windows computer seems to be unable to connect to beachnet+.  The computer may have already been cleared from the block-list, but still fails to connect.


  1. While logged on with administrative rights, enter the DOS prompt by pressing the "windows" key located on the same row as the spacebar while simultaneously pressing the letter "R".  Release both keys at once.
  2. Type "cmd" in the "Run" line and press Enter.
  3. A DOS Command Prompt will open in a small window.
  4. Type the command "netsh wlan show profiles" and press Enter.
  5. If shown, remove the following profiles by issuing the commands "netsh wlan delete profile <profilename>" and press Enter.  The <profilename> is the name shown on the screen.
  6. Remove WiFi profiles for "beachnet+", "beachnet-guest-access", and/or "eduroam".
  7. Reboot Windows by selecting the Start button and clicking on the RESTART option.
  8. Once Windows has rebooted, have the user follow the appropriate instructions for creating a profile manually.
  9. If problems persist, have the user reset their BeachID.  Check that the computer is not back on the block-list and if so remove it.  Click the wireless network beachnet+ and try to connect again.
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