Use Aruba QuickConnect to Connect a Windows Computer to Beachnet+

Prepare by making sure the computer was freshly booted before attempting to run this tool as a local administrator. Windows XP (SP3) through Windows 10 are supported by this tool. If you believe the computer is block-listed, please Request Service with the MAC Address of the wireless network interface.

Accessing the QuickConnect Tool

Steps include:

  • In device WiFi settings, connect to the “beachnet-guest-access” network.
  • Open a browser, which will then display the campus guest login page, as shown below.
  • Click on the blue QuickConnect link as shown below.

    beachnet guest access portal page

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Aruba QuickConnect tool CSULB-beachnetplus.exe ) for Windows.
  2. Run the tool with local Administrator rights and allow it to execute.
  3. Click Next.

    Aruba QuickConnect wizard
  4. Enter a valid campusID (9-digits)/BeachID password and click Next.

    Aruba Quick Connect Wizard continued
  5. The program will auto-configure your system with the beachnet+ profile. Click Connect.

    Aruba Quick Connect Wizard continued
  6. The computer will now attempt to connect and authenticate to the beachnet+ WiFi network.

    Aruba quickconnect wizard continued
  7. A successful connection will reveal the computer's IP Address. Click Close.

    Aruba QuickConnect Wizard Summary page
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