Use of personal WiFi routers on campus


The purpose of this article is to provide information on the use of personal WiFi routers that are connected to CSULB in-building data jacks (either orange or green).

Small Office / Home Office (also known as "SOHO") WiFi routers are not permitted.

Reasons for not permitting "SOHO" WiFi routers on the campus network:

  1. The campus' WiFi network is operated by ITS as a single and centrally configured system.
  2. Non-ITS managed WiFi interferes with the limited number of channels available in the WiFi radio spectrum.
  3. SOHO routers can cause problems for nearby users attempting to use the campus' production WiFi network.
  4. Unauthorized WiFi introduces several security risks:
    • Protected resources become exposed to unauthorized persons
    • Department owned equipment such as printers can be abused
    • Sensitive departmental or faculty research may be compromised
  5. SOHO devices may have known vulnerabilities that can easily bypass any security settings put into place by the owner


For your specific WiFi needs or to report a "blind spot" with regard to ITS supported WiFi, please contact the Technology Help Desk @ x54959 or the ITS Desktop Support Group @ x58344 to open a ticket.


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