Sharing Calendars with Mac Outlook 2011 users


Calendar Sharing allows for users to invite people within their organization to see their calendar and, with proper permissions, even to add or edit events. Users who share their calendars could also specify how much detail the recipients can see and/or modify.


These steps must be followed in order to share your Calendar with Mac users using Outlook 2011.

  1. In order to set sharing permissions for your Calendar, go to Calendar > Folder > Calendar Properties.

    Calendar Properties button
  2. The Calendar Properties will appear, select the “Permissions tab.

    Calendar properties, permissions tab
  3. To add a user and assign permissions, click Add. Here you are able to set very specific Permissions for each user you wish to have access to your Calendar. You are also able to Add-Remove user access from this screen.
  4. You will be presented with the Global Address List (GAL). Select the user you wish to grant access to and click Add. Click OK once you have selected the user you wish to grant access to.

    Global Address list, Address Book
  5. In this example, I will now assign Prospector Pete to have Publishing Editor over my Calendar. Please note: if you share your calendar with an Outlook 2011 Mac user, you must assign at least the reviewer permission level.

    Assign permissions
  6. By choosing the Publishing Editor option from the drop down menu, you will see some items are automatically selected granting and restricting certain forms of access. Please note: You do not have to use one of the pre-assigned permission levels; you may assign your own custom level of permissions using the check boxes provided.

    Review Permissions


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