Using Tasks in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Using tasks is a great way to manage the things you have to do.

To open the Tasks folder, click the Tasks button in the Navigation Pane (or Command + 4 shortcut). Note that any tasks shown in red are overdue.

Shortcut Bar, Tasks

Understanding the Home Tab

The Home tab is the central place for basic task commands:

Home Tab

Let's look at its options:

Group Commands
Task Creates a new task item
Email-New Starts a new Email Message or a new items selected from the drop down
Mark Completed This function will take a current open Task and mark it as being completed
Delete Will delete the currently selected Task
Categorize Allows you to set a category for the selected task
Follow Up Flags the task for follow up based on specified criteria
High-Low Priority Sets the priority level in the Task
Filters Sorts tasks based on Date/Start Date/Competition Date…etc.
Flagged-Overdue-Completed Displays tasks with these criteria set

Creating a New Task

To create a new task from scratch, click the Task button or use the shortcut Command + N.

New Task Button

You will now be presented with a Ne task. Fill out all data you wish to include and Hit Save & Close.

New Task Dialog

This is much like the New Appointment window. Type a subject, set a start date and a due date, add a reminder if you wish, and add notes. Then, click Save and Close.

Editing a Task

Like other Outlook items, you can double-click a task to open and edit it.

Fill in task information

Note the Check Box to mark the Task completed.

Marking a task completed

You can also Control + Click on a task to see editing options, or use the Home tab to edit tasks.

Control click menu

Customizing Tasks Views

There are many different ways that you can view your tasks. The Home tab offers these options:

Home tab

You can also use the Organize tab to customize your view:

Task view options

Arrange By being the most customizable option offering several Task filtering options:

Arrange by drop down

The options available on the Organize tab include:

Group Commands
Categories Show Tasks associated within certain categories
Arrange By Arrange your tasks by: Account, Category, Completed Status, Date Completed, Date Modified, Due Date, etc…
Reading Pane Changes the orientation of the Reading Pane – Top, Bottom-Off
Flagged-Overdue-Completed Allows you to filter Tasks based on these criteria


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