The Home Tab in Outlook 2011 for Mac

When you open Outlook, the Home tab is displayed by default and contains the most common commands for working with your email.

Home Tab Commands

New Commands

The first group on the Home tab is E-Mail - New. Click the E-mail button to open a new, blank mail message or New to choose from a menu of Outlook items, like appointment, task, note, etc.
Shortcut: Key Command+N for new mail.

New Command drop down menu

Delete Commands

The next group contains commands for deleting messages.
Hightlight a message and select delete and it will be sent directly to your Deleted Items.
Shortcut: Key Command+Del

Delete Command

Respond Commands

The Respond group contains the standard responses Reply, Reply all and Forward as well as commands that allow you to reply with a Meeting request or an option to forward the message as an Attachment. options.

Respond commands

Move Commands

The Move button provides a list of folders as well as advanced move commands and the ability to create a simple rule for this conversation.
The Rules button expands into a menu offering quick rules and the ability to manage and create rules.
Finally, the Junk command presents option for marking senders and mail items as Junk Mail. (See Junk Mail section for more info on Junk)

Move command


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