Out of Office in Outlook 2011 for Mac

This documentation illustrates how to configure the Out Of Office assistant for Outlook 2011. This configuration will enable automatic replies to notify others that you are not able to respond.
In order to establish an Out of Office message, go to the Ribbon > Tools > Out of Office.

Tools ribbon, Out of Office command

Out of Office Greeting – Inside My Organization

You will be presented with the following Out of the Office options. Here you can set a time range for your automatic replies to be sent by checking the "I am out of the office between" box and specifying a date and time range.

Out of Office assistant

Or you may simply turn Out of Office messages on and turn them off manually upon your return.
If you do not specify a time and date range do not forget to turn automatic replies off when returning from your absence.

There are two options within the Out of office message options. One is for replies to email within CSULB and the other section is for automatic replies outside of CSULB. If you wish to have automatic replies go to everyone that sends mail during your absence be sure to fill out both areas within these option.

Out of Office Greeting – Outside My Organization

In order to set Automatic replies to go to mail senders outside of CSULB choose the "Send replies outside my company" check box.
Specify the text of your reply message in the given space and click OK.

Out of Office assistant


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