Removing and Adding a Mac Mail Email Client

If your Mac Mail client fails to load new messages, you may need to first remove your account, then add it back to establish a connection. Removing the account does not impact messages in your email account.  They will repopulate once you reconnect your account.

To Remove an Email Account

  1. With the Mac Mail email client open, click on Mail, then Accounts

    Screenshot of Accounts in Mac Mail
  2. Select the account to remove, which will have your current email address. Press the minus "-" sign to initiate the removal of the account.

    Select email account in Mac Mail
  3. Verify you'd like to remove the email account.

    Screenshot of account removal
  4. Your account is now removed from the MacMail email client.

To Add Your Email Account

  1. On the Internet Accounts screen, press the plus "+" sign and then the Exchange option.

    Screenshot of accounts to add in Mail.
  2. Enter your account information including name of the account, full email address, and BeachID password.

    Exchange account set-up in Mail
  3. Select apps you'd like to synchronize.

    Apps to synchronize in Mail
  4. Select Done and your mail/calendar/contacts will now synchronize.


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