Granting Access to your Mailbox for Another User

  1. Select your mail inbox in the navigation pane.
  2. Click on the Folder tab and click the "Folder Permissions" button.

    Folder tab view
  3. Click the Add button and an address list will appear. Find the person to which you want to grant access and click the "Add" button. Click OK.

    Add user window
  4. With the user selected in the Name window, make your access selections in the Permissions section. When finished, click OK.

    Permissions options
  5. Once you have granted the other user permission, he/she can then open your mailbox by going to File > Open > Other User's Folder. If using OWA, right click on your name in the navigation and go to "Open Other User's Inbox".

    File Menu
  6. Click the "Name" button to browse. Locate the person's name and click OK > OK. The mail file will open for viewing.

If using OWA, the person's inbox will show up in the navigation panel to the left. Note this is not the case within the client.


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