Delegating Access in Outlook 2010


Delegate access on Outlook allows a user to grant another user permission to access his or her email or calendar.


  1. Choose: File > Account Settings > Delegate Access

    Delegate access command
  2. Click “Add” (to remove a delegate, simply click on the delegate’s name and press “Remove”)

    Delegates dialog
  3. Choose the person you wish to grant permission to from the “Global Address List (GAL)”. When finished, click “Add and “OK.

    Address book, select delegates
  4. In the “Delegate Permissions” window, specify the access you would like to grant the delegate(s). Here you can specify access to all of your Mail Folders. If you wish for the user to only have access to certain things specify this here. Notice you can opt to send a notification to the user you are delegating permissions to, and you can also grant access to your private items.

    Delegate permissions settings
  5. Click “OK to save changes and close the Delegate Permissions window
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