Delete an Autocomplete Address in Outlook


Even when selecting names directly from the global address list and the address shows correctly in the "To:" field/line, it still uses the outdated information from suggested contacts if it is present.

Clear a Suggested Contact in Outlook 2010 (full client)

  1. Open a new mail and begin to type the email you want deleted. Click the X in the yellow pop-up box that appears when typing it in.

    New mail message
  2. If not fixed, search both the "Contacts" and "Suggested Contacts" folders for any instances of that person and delete their email addresses (even if it's the correct new one). Note that someone's old address may appear in several forms, not necessarily just under their actual name. For example, one may appear in someone's suggested contacts as (with no name), (with or w/o name), and/or Prospector Pete. For this reason it usually takes a fairly thorough search to find everything.

    Contact folder

    Suggested contacts folder
  3. If still not fixed, restart Outlook.
  4. If still not fixed, create a new Outlook profile. Contact your college or department technical coordinator for assistance with creating a new Outlook profile.

Clear the Entire Suggested Contacts File in Outlook 2010 (full client)

To delete the entire collection of auto-complete addresses:

  1. From your inbox, go to File > Options > Mail > Empty Auto Complete List (under sending mail).

Clear a Suggested Contact in Outlook on the web (formerly known as OWA)

In Outlook on the web, when you are in Mail, click on "New." A new draft will show on the right-hand side, the Reading Pane. Start typing an email address. When the bad address appears in the list, use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the address you want deleted. When it is highlighted, press the Delete key on the keyboard.

Option New located above list of email senders

Reading pane

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