Updating Preferred E-mail Address in Employee Center (MyCSULB) for Employees

This article describes how to update your preferred e-mail address in the Employment Center application available in SSO. 

NOTE: Employee Center is only available to State-side employees. Auxiliary employees will have to contact their associated Human Resources department for assistance with updating their contact information in their "HR Feed" file which populates the CSULB identify management system.

For communication purposes, CSULB requires all employees to provide a preferred E-Mail account. Be advised, this account will be used for University notifications, as well as messages sent by students and members of your BeachBoard managed courses and organizations.

After completing this process, please allow 24-hours for all campus systems to reflect this change.


Step 1 - Sign-in to Single Sign-On using your campus email address and password:

Sign in screen

Step 2 - Click Employee Center from the list of tiles in your My Apps page:

employee center tile that appears in single sign on

Step 3 – Click Personal Information Home:

Employee Center Menu

Step 4 – Click Email Addresses under Contact Information:

Personal Information Home Menu

Step 5 – Select your preferred e-mail address

If your preferred address is not already added to MyCSULB, click the Add an Email Address button, select the address type, and type an e-mail address value. Place a check mark next to the address you want the university to use as your preferred address. Click the Save button to submit your changes. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.

Email Address Settings

Note:  After completing this process, please allow 24-hours for all campus systems to reflect this change.

Alternative Video Instructions

For video navigation support, watch the video below.


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Available within Single Sign-On (SSO), Employee Center (formerly MyCSULB) is the central location for employees to access their personal information.