Accessing eduroam Wireless with an Apple iOS Device

This document is only recommended if you frequently travel and visit other campuses participating in the eduroam WiFi service.

NOTE: To connect to eduroam, you must have a valid campus email address along with your BeachID password. If you have not activated your BeachID password, visit Also note that you will need to update your password on your mobile device wifi settings whenever you update your BeachID password.

The following instructions describe how to connect an Apple mobile device to eduroam and make eduroam the device's default wireless network. The settings described in these instructions are generally applicable and may vary slightly across Apple devices and versions.

  1. Open Settings.

    iPhone Home Screen
  2. Select Wi-Fi

    iPhone Settings
  3. On the Wi-Fi Networks screen, select eduroam in the “Choose a Network…” section.

    iPhone Wifi options
  4. Enter your campus email address (for example: and your BeachID password, and then tap Join.
    Note: You will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password.

    iPhone Wifi Credential Login Screen
  5. If you're prompted to accept a security certificate, tap "Trust".

    Wifi Security Certificate Page
  6. The connection should be established at this point.

    iPhone Wifi Options Screen

Make eduroam the default SSID (wireless network) for Your Apple Mobile Device

  1. Select Wi-Fi on the Settings screen. On the Wi-Fi screen that opens, tap the blue circle with the letter “i” in the center on the right side next to the name of the network you were using before setting up your eduroam connection.
  2. Tap the Forget this Network button.

    iPhone WiFi Forget This Network Screen

NOTE: If you've connected successfully to eduroam but can't access the Internet, you may need to restart the Wi-Fi service on your device before you can access the Internet. If you have successfully connected to eduroam, but you can't access web pages or email via Wi-Fi, restart the device's Wi-Fi service. To do so: Select Settings > Wi-Fi, and slide the Wi-Fi switch to OFF. After the Wi-Fi Networks screen opens, pause for a few seconds, and then slide the Wi-Fi switch back to ON. You should now be connected to the campus network and be able to access the internet and email.