Auto Attendant Authorized User Settings

The following screenshot shows what settings "authorized users" of Teams auto attendants have access to change.  These use text-to-speech technology whereas whatever you type, becomes what the voice greeting states to the callers.  These settings include:

  1. Choose a greeting for business hours
  2. Choose a greeting for after hours

Auto Attendant settings

To access these Auto Attendant settings

Authorized users can change greetings on the desktop Teams app (not available on mobile). 

  • In Teams app on desktop, select the settings menu option (three dots by profile picture).
  • Select Settings
  • Under Settings, select Calls.
  • At the top, you should see your auto attendant name. Select it.
  • You will see greeting settings you can change. It’s text-to-speech, so whatever you type, it will turn into an audio voice greeting. Please be sure to make test calls to ensure your greeting is being voice translated correctly (i.e., you may need to add periods for acronyms such as C.S.U.L.B.).
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Wed 7/3/24 3:00 PM