Types of Teams Phone Services

CSULB Teams Voice includes three primary Teams Phone services.

User-based Service (Personal Teams Phone Number)

Employees (MPP, Staff) will automatically be enrolled in the bundled service (Voice and Data) and will keep their existing telephone number. If they don’t have a telephone number, a new number will be assigned to them automatically.

Faculty who do not have an existing telephone number can opt-in to service during this migration or by opening a ticket with Telecommunications after the migration. 

User Service utilizes software-based phone technology to place and receive calls via any laptop, desktop or mobile phone (optional) that has Microsoft Teams. The functionality is the same as on-line meetings using Zoom or Teams without the video component.

Call Queue (CQ)

Call Queues function like Hunt Groups where a call to a single number will simultaneously ring multiple users.  These are typically departmental telephone numbers and main lines. They can be configured to ring in various ways based on departmental needs:

  • Attendant Routing - This is the default setting for all CSULB CQs upon creation, unless requested otherwise. When attendant routing is used, the first call in the queue will ring all of the call agents at the same time. The first call agent to pick up the call gets the call.
  • Serial Routing - When serial routing is used, incoming calls will ring call agents one by one, starting from the beginning of the call agent list.
  • Round Robin - When round robin routing is used, each call agent will get the same number of calls from the queue.
  • Longest Idle - When longest idle routing is used, the next call in the queue will ring the opted-in call agent that has been in presence state Available the longest.

See more about Call Queue default settings.

Common Area Phone (CP)

Common Phones are physical instruments located in shared locations that are accessed by users who don't have User Service enabled.  For example, a reception desk staffed by multiple Student Assistants.  It is common for a CP to be a member of a Call Queue.

This is the base model for this service.


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