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Yealink MP54 phone

The Yealink MP54 Teams Edition phone is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. 

Hardware Overview

The Power LED Indicator shows the device status.

Accessing Screens

The phone has several screens accessible from the home screen:

  • Home Screen: Displays notifications, date, time, and Teams status.
  • Calls Screen: Allows you to make and manage calls.
  • Calendar Screen: View your upcoming meetings.
  • Voicemail Screen: Access voicemail messages.
  • People Screen: Search for contacts.

Making a Call

  • From the home screen, tap the Calls icon.
  • Dial the number using the on-screen dial pad or search for a contact.
  • Press the green call button to initiate the call.

Transferring a Call

During an active call:

  • Tap the Transfer button.
  • Enter the extension or search for the recipient.
  • Press the green call button to complete the transfer.

Reference Guide

This is the Yealink MP54 audio phone manufacturer's knowledge base for Common Phone Teams Call Operations.

Content includes such topics as:

  • Switch among Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Modes
  • Place Calls
  • Answer, End or Reject Calls
  • Merge Calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Forward Calls
  • Hold or Resume Calls
  • Mute or Unmute Audio
  • Synchronize Calls to Specificed Contact or Delegate
  • Park or Retrive Calls
  • Call Queue
  • Block Calls with No Caller IDs
  • Hide Your Phone Number (Anonymous Call)
  • Pickup Group Calls
  • Delegates
  • Boss-Admin Delegates
  • Handle Unanswered Calls
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