Yealink MP54 Common Phone

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Yealink MP54 phone

This is the Yealink MP54 audio phone manufacturer's knowledge base for Common Phone Teams Call Operations.

Content includes such topics as:

  • Switch among Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Modes
  • Place Calls
  • Answer, End or Reject Calls
  • Merge Calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Forward Calls
  • Hold or Resume Calls
  • Mute or Unmute Audio
  • Synchronize Calls to Specificed Contact or Delegate
  • Park or Retrive Calls
  • Call Queue
  • Block Calls with No Caller IDs
  • Hide Your Phone Number (Anonymous Call)
  • Pickup Group Calls
  • Delegates
  • Boss-Admin Delegates
  • Handle Unanswered Calls



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