Wi-Fi Projects funded by CARES and HEERF (2020-2022)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CSULB applied for and received funding for expanding our Outdoor Wi-Fi program.  These projects often required significant costs to bring power and network cabling to Wi-Fi radios in locations far from buildings.  View current Outdoor Wi-Fi smart map.

Decorative image of CSULB campus map

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Starting in 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ( or the CARES Act), and then Higher Education Emergency Relief FundS (HEERF) that we received helped us provide Outdoor Wi-Fi coverage to the following areas:

  • Student Union South Patios, Upper and Lower
  • Nugget Patio
  • Cafeteria Patio facing Student Union
  • Palo Verde Parking Structures (covered floors)
  • Pyramid Parking Structure (covered floors)
  • Brotman Hall Maxson Plaza and Bus Stop
  • Patio above Central Plant to East of Student Union
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center Entrance Patio
  • Bob & Barbara Ellis Education Building North and West Patios
  • Academic Services Building North Patio
  • Fine Arts 1-2 Patio
  • Fine Arts 2-3 Patio
  • Lawn area South of Peterson Hall and West of Fine Arts 4
  • University Telecom Center Central Patio
  • Liberal Arts 4-5 Walkway
  • Patio between Faculty Offices 2 and 3
  • Nursing Extension Patio
  • College of Business North Walkway and Lawn
  • College of Business Internal Quad
  • Kinesiology Central Quad
  • Vivian Engineering Center Patio
  • Engineering 3 West Patio
  • Engineering 2 West Lawn
  • Engineering Technology Quad Northeast of Health and Human Services
  • Design South Lawn
  • Parkside Commons Lawn
  • Hillside ABC Lawn
  • Social Science Public Affairs Building West Patio
  • Friendship Walk
  • Hillside Dining Patio
  • Psychology Northeast Patio
  • Bookstore East Patio
  • Molecular & Life Sciences Center North Patio

The Division of IT plans to bring Wi-Fi to the center of Parking Lot G11 (west of Pyramid) as well as the Pyramid North Lawn which are waiting on supply chain issues.

Input from Students, Faculty and Staff regarding additional areas that still need coverage is welcomed by emailing DoIT-ServiceManagement@csulb.edu

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