On-going Wi-Fi Upgrades

The Division of IT supports over 3,000 Wi-Fi Access Points across the campus and at remote sites.  Every year, money is allocated to upgrade a portion of these devices to the latest technology, and in some cases expand into areas being used in new ways, both indoors and outdoors.

Historical projects outlined specific areas for improvement as we needed to fill major gaps to create a dense network of Wi-Fi coverage, and to provide notice of construction activities.

In 2024-25, our focus is on increasing support for the Wi-Fi 6 standard which include the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology that enhance coverage and reliability for our growing student population.  Highly populated areas get priority in this process, but all areas will be upgraded as funding allows.  We are also looking for areas to enhance with Wi-Fi 6e, 6GHz signals.

Please refer to Historical Reports of past Wi-Fi upgrade projects.

Input from Students, Faculty and Staff regarding additional areas that still need coverage is welcomed by emailing DoIT-ServiceManagement@csulb.edu


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