Office365 - Installation and Sign-In

This guide will demonstrate how to download Microsoft365 (Formerly Office365) and outline the sign-in process.

Start by heading into and click on the Office 365 Portal icon.

Image displaying Office365 Portal icon in myApps page

In the Microsoft365 landing page, click on the top right Install Apps>Microsoft365 Apps

Image displaying Microsoft365 home page with red bounding box around Install Apps dropdown menu
Your browser will download an installation package. Run the installation package OfficeSetup.exe (Windows), OfficeSetup.dmg (macOS)

Image displaying "Getting Started with Microsoft365"

During installation of the software, you must remain connected to the Internet for the installation to complete successfully. 

Image displaying Microsoft365 installation progress.

Open an application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Image displaying Microsoft365 applications on Windows start menu

Sign in with your Campus Email and Password when prompted. Your Office is now activated.

Image displaying Activate Office log-on prompt

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