Microsoft Office 365 Services for Faculty Retirees (Emeriti)

Faculty members have specifically detailed access to Microsoft services upon retiring or leaving the University.

Access Period

When a faculty member retires (or leaves the University), they may continue to use their CSULB email and Office 365 (OneDrive is part of Office 365) for up to one year (365 days).  It is hoped that during this one-year timeframe, the faculty member has sufficient time to handle remaining University related business and transfer their files in OneDrive to their personal file storage (their personal OneDrive or download to their personal hard drives, etc.).  This procedure was jointly developed by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Division of IT. 

Reminder Notifications

Faculty (and staff) receive automatic reminders from Microsoft about the expiration of their access to Office 365 (OneDrive if part of Office 365) before and when they lose the access to Office 365.


Our Microsoft site license contract was negotiated and managed by the CSU system office.  We cannot sell (do not have the means of selling) Microsoft licenses for personal usage.  Microsoft subscriptions for personal use can be purchased.

Professor Emeritus Status

If a retired faculty member is qualified and approved to be a professor emeritus, the faculty member may continue to use the online version of MS Office (including OneDrive and University email address). 

Further Information

Article - About Office 365 (

CIO Message dated 11/12/20: Expiring Microsoft Software License for Faculty and Staff Emeriti


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